Mini Figure Sized Circuit Boards

Arduino and CircuitPython Compatible Fun

Mini SAM M4



The Mini SAM is capable of running on either the Arduino platform or the CircuitPython platform. If ordered from this site, it will come with CircuitPython preloaded. In addition, it contains a UF2 bootloader that really eases the process of changing between Arduino and CP.

DIY Assembly

Give it a try yourself, if you are feeling adventurous. Order some boards, collect the bill of materials, and try your hand at assembling the boards.

Buy Boards

Preparation for Assembly

Each board required component placement on the top and bottom of the board. Here the top side has solder paste applied in preparation for component placement.

Component Placement

Manual placement of 27 individual components on the front and back of the circuit board.

Assmbly Complete

After component placement, the solder is set using a hot air solder gun. This is done twice, once for the top of the board and once for the bottom.