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Fig Pi is a minifigure-sized development board based on the Rspberry Pi RP2040 56-Pin Dual ARM Cortex-M0+ @ 133MHz MCU with 16 I/O, a built-in LED around back, a 3×3 matrix of RGB addressable LEDs, two buttons; RESET and a BOOT/Programmable user button, and an extra 2MB of memory. When connected via the micro USB port to a computer, the Fig Pi will appear as a USB drive.  Uploading code, libraries, and firmware is as easy as drag-and-drop.

Board Features


The boards includes a micro USB interface for programming and power. Around back are a set of 6 JST SH sized connectors. The board has the following I/O pins available:

  • UART
  • SPI
  • I2C x2
  • 4 Analog In Capable Pins
  • 16 Digital In/Out Capable Pins

Additionally, the LED is user programmable as is the 3×3 addressable LED matrix.


In order to support plenty of CircuitPython libraries, a 2MB Quad-SPI flash memory chip is included. This provides the space necessary for the CircuitPython program as well as space for user programming and libraries.


The boards include a high current 3.3V regulator, more than enough to power this little board and its built-in features.  Power input comes from the micro USB port.


The board comes pre-loaded with the latest available CircuitPython when produced.  Please check for a new version at the CircuitPython Downloads.

The board also comes with a UF2 bootloader from Raspberry Pi.

For more information and help with the board, please see the help page.

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