This page can be used to troubleshoot issue with your Mini SAM board. The board comes with the UF2 bootloader pre-installed and the latest version of CircuitPython pre-installed. It also includes an example program – called, on the board and some CircuitPython libraries to support the demo code. The board is supported in Mac and Windows 10 without any need for additional drivers. I do not have drivers for Windows 7.

Firmware / Bootloader

Start with the latest version of CircuitPython firmware for the Mini SAM.

Mini SAM M4 Firmware

Instructions for installing the firmware can be found on the Adafruit Website. This covers the basics, but be sure and use the specific Mini SAM M4 firmware.

The UF2 bootloader should never need updating or replacing, but in some rare case where the board is otherwise stuck, you can download the latest copy here:

UF2 Bootloader – Look for Mini SAM M4

How to Reset your Board

If you get stuck and or have corrupted code, follow these steps to rest your board and clear the memory. This will clear all your libraries and code off the board.

  1. Put the board into bootloader mode by double pressing the RESET button on the board. Timing is semi-important, but you’ll know the board is in bootloader mode when it appears on your computer as a drive titled MINISAMBOOT.
  2. Once in bootloader mode, download and copy/drag this new firmware onto the MINISAMBOOT drive: Firmware to Reset Memory of Board. This will automatically update the firmware to a version that erases the storage files on the board on every reboot. Your board will automatically reboot into normal mode (CIRCUITPY) and it should now be in working order waiting for a file to be uploaded. If left in this state, your code and library files will be erased with each reboot.
  3. Put the board back into bootloader mode by following instructions in Step 1.
  4. Re-load the standard firmware: Mini SAM M4 Firmware and your board will reboot once more in normal mode and be ready for a file.
  5. The last steps are optional, only if you would like to reload the demo software.
  6. Download the following zip that contains the libraries used for the demo. Unzip the file and place the contents in the lib folder on the CIRCUITPY drive.
  7. Download the following file and place it at the root directory of the CIRCUITPY drive.

Circuit Python Basics

Adafruit has a very good write-up on Circuit Python itself. Please read through there for information.