Arduino Setup

Update or download the latest version of the Arduino IDE as you need version 1.8 or higher.

Start the IDE and navigate to the Preferences menu. You can access it from the File menu in Windows or Linux, or the Arduino menu on OS X.

Arduino Setup

We will be adding a URL to the Additional Boards Manager URLs option. The list of URLs is comma separated, and you will only have to add each URL once. Copy and paste the .json link shown below into that list.

Mini SAM Board Definition


Once done click OK to save the new preference settings. Next we will look at installing boards with the Board Manager.

Open the Boards Manager by navigating to the Tools->Board: menu.


Once the Board Manager opens, click on the category drop down menu on the top left hand side of the window and select All. You will then be able to select and install the boards supplied by the URLs added to the preferences.

The first step is to ensure you have the Arduino SAMD boards installed as Mini SAM uses some of those files as support. Search for SAMD and then install the Arduino SAMD Boards (32-bits ARM Cortex-M0+).

Arduino SAMD Install

Next add the Mini SAM boards by searching for Mini SAM and installing Mini SAM SAMD Boards.

Mini SAM Install

Close the boards manager and select the Mini SAM M4 board from the boards listed in the Tools->Board: menu.

Selecting Mini SAM from List


Then select the port your board is attached to with Tools->Port:

You are ready to program using the Arduino IDE.